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| March 3, 2014

Revo Uninstaller Pro is a windows application which is meant to provide you a no-nonsense way to remove programs installed on your system. Because at some or the other point we always want to remove an installed program or two, we would require this application.

So why do you need it, even though Windows has one?
This question can be best answered in one sentence and I would do so “It does the job even when Windows default “Programs and Features” or “Add or Remove Programs” fails”. Period.

While Revo does a lot more than “just cleanly removing” programs (that I would be discussing further in this review), I will first like to provide you a list of the features available in Revo. So here we go.

Main Features of Revo Uninstaller Pro
1. Uninstaller
2. Real-Time installation monitor
3. Forced Uninstall
4. Hunter Mode
5. Multi-Level Backup System
6. Auto Run Manager
7. Browsers Cleaner
8. MS Office Cleaner
9. Evidence Remover
10. Windows Tools

A complete list of features can be accessed using the link below:


Moving further, I will talk a bit on each of the above features.

1. Uninstaller
It is similar to the default window’s Add/remove programs, but it also scans for leftovers with even more advanced algorithms, resulting in a precise, fast and effective search for leftovers. It provides three leftover-scanning modes: safe, moderate and advanced; suited per one’s knowledge and experience. The typical leftovers include Windows Services, Drivers, File associations, Shell Extensions, COM components, Windows Installer components, program settings and more.

2. Real-Time installation monitor
This is the one of the main and most important feature of Revo and so the first to discuss about. It is used to monitor the installations so that Revo can capture the same for later removal. Not only this, it is useful to analyze a program to see what all changes it has made to our system, including registry & drives. The good part of this feature is that it is very simple and easy to use. For example, if you have to monitor a program installation, use right click context menu and select “Install with Revo”. It would open a small rectangular window on the top of your screen showing that it is monitoring.

Upon installation and monitoring, it provides an option to save the monitored program- with a user specified name. Once saved you could see the monitored installation under “Traced Program” tab of the Revo interface.
TIP- Should in case if you ever forget to monitor that one program which you want to remove completely, Revo does have a solution – Logs Database. Per Revo-
It is a database of logs of traced programs through the monitoring module of Revo Uninstaller Pro made and managed by Revo Uninstaller Pro’s team. That logs are stored on our web server and you can easily use them (with one click on the button “Uninstall”) to uninstall a program or leftovers of already uninstalled program on your computer.

3. Forced Uninstall
This component is useful for removing leftovers of programs that were either already uninstalled, incompletely installed or uninstall remnants of programs. There would be cases when during an installation the system will reboot, etc and then on re-trying to install the program again it would throw up an error saying “You already have the program installed and should remove before re-installing”. For example, while installing some Security Software’s, they might show an error that your previous xyz security product is not removed. Hence the current security software cannot proceed with installation. In these cases “Forced Uninstall” comes handy, as it removes all the left out remains of the programs easily.

4. Hunter Mode
Hunters are cruel and so is the Hunter Mode feature in Revo. Lol…..
This feature helps to uninstall any program by either dragging it to the hunter icon (shown below right) or by taking the hunter icon on the program, even if it is open. Once selected for uninstallation, it shows further information as shown below.


5. Multi-Level Backup System
This is the backup module which consists of backups of removed registry keys, values, files and folders. In addition to this it also has other levels of the backup such as:
# Creating system restore point before each uninstall
# Full Registry backup before each uninstall
# Full Registry backup once each day Revo Uninstaller Pro is started

The Multi-Level Backup System ensures that if some changes are made to the system by mistake, they could be undone and things reverted back to usual.

6. Auto Run Manager
This option lists all the things that start at Windows startup. You could then select to disable items from auto starting at Windows startup, if you want to do. It gives detailed information such as the program’s publisher, description, launch path (where it is saved on your computer), status of the application (if it’s running or not).

7. Browsers Cleaner
It is like any other browser cleaner. Nothing special to say about this feature. It supports Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera. It can also delete Index.dat file, but it requires a reboot.
8. MS Office Cleaner
This allows deleting the history of most recently used files in MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Front Page. It supports MS Office-2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

9. Evidence Remover
This module can be used to do a complete removal of Windows Recycle Bin data, making it impossible to recover the deleted data.

10. Windows Tools
As per the developer this feature gives fast, one-click access to 17 Windows utilities used in daily PC management. Some available tools are: System Restore, Network Information, Security Center, System Properties, System Information, TCP/IP Netstat Command, On-Screen Keyboard, Disk Defragmenter, Services, Shared Folders, Group Policy, and Add/Remove Windows Components.


1. Very effective in complete removal of programs.
2. The availability of “Logs Database” is an extremely useful help for times when one did forget to do a monitor, but still wants a clean removal.
3. Can be activated without an internet connection.
4. Ability to select the type of files that can be cleaned using “Junk file cleaner” module. You can add/remove file types, as well as exclude folders.
5. A soothing interface with ability to set different theme.
6. Ability to select the registry files and process that should be traced while using the Monitoring module.
7. A pretty decent and fully updated offline help file for easy reference.
8. Multilingual with support for up to 39 languages.
9. Ability to export the list of installed programs to formats such as txt, excel and html.
10. Works with both 32 & 64-bit operating systems.

1. Unfortunately, the right-click context menu option to “Install with Revo” is unable to differentiate between an executable program and a shortcut. Hence, it does attempts to “Install with Revo” a “program’s shortcut”, which is not expected.
2. The backup manager shows and allows selecting the dates (in custom select mode) even when Revo was not installed on the system.
3. The backup manager allows deleting “nothing”, that is, it has “Delete by Time” button enabled and one can go-ahead and execute a delete- even when there are no backups. So what does it deletes – Nothing.
4. There is no option to “select all” for Browser cleaning. You have to select each checkbox individually, even for individual browser.
5. Does not check whether I have a browser installer or not, rather just tries to clean the same. Example I don’t have Opera installed, but it went ahead and cleaned it, and showed a clean complete message as well.
6. No support for Microsoft Publisher, Info path and OneNote cleaning options.
7. It does not checks whether I have a particular Microsoft Office component installed or not, rather just tries to clean the same. Example I don’t have FrontPage, but it went ahead and cleaned it, and showed a clean complete message as well.
8. There is no information as to what algorithms Revo uses in its Evidence Remover module. A big gap and so lack of trust.
9. Even when Evidence Removal operation is canceled, Revo proudly shows “Track cleaning operation completion” dialog box.Uhhhhh, I canceled that, didn’t you noticed…?
10. Confusion between Evidence Remover & Unrecoverable Delete features. Both have similar description.
11. Lacks an option to import the settings/options, which could be re-used/imported up on a re-installation, without having to do a re-configuration again.
12. The Hunter mode falsely takes a setup file as an installed exe and in an attempt to “Kill and delete process”; it deletes the exe installer file.
13. While attempting to do an “Uninstall” of a traced program, it says “Are you sure you want to uninstall the selected log”, LOG?? Hey, it should be program. I traced a program, not a log. You are wrong.
14. Unable to do a full uninstall even for a traced program. Strictly not accepted.
15. While trying to do an “Uninstall” of a Microsoft Excel file, it goes ahead with the uninstall attempt. Strictly not accepted. Revo should be able to differentiate between a file and a program.

Revo uninstaller performs much better than default windows installer, and it has a lot to offer in the form of forced uninstall, tracing of programs, junk cleaner, browser cleaner and lot more. Even though there are some cons, it does perform the basic uninstaller function to a great extent. As a suggestion, Revo should focus on core function of uninstaller and remove clutter from it, making it more efficient.

Reviewer: Grr

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