[Contest] RoboForm Everywhere [Forum Exclusive]

| January 25, 2013

I have so many accounts and to remember every password for each account is really hard. I try to write it on my pocket notebook, but it’s annoying to search in my notebook every time when I want to log on. So I want to try a password manager that works with my browsers: Opera, Chrome and IE. I chose the best password manager – RoboForm Everywhere.

So let the game begin – I try to install RoboForm.

The first window takes me to show advanced options and I choose my language. I’ll choose English.

Next I can choose which browser that RoboForm will be installed in. By default, IE is marked. Next I marked Opera and Chrome. Also I can mark that RoboForm will fill and save forms in Widows applications, so I do it.


Next step is making RoboForm my Start Page – I don’t mark this because I really like the standard Google page.


Next step is to choose RoboForm Setup: Everywhere (my data will be storage on my PS and in cloud) or Desktop (my data will be storage only in my PC). Of course I choose Everywhere because I want to have access to my data everywhere!


Next I can create a new account or sync with an existing account.


After creating a new account, I choose my Master Password.


After this, my account was created and synchronized. Next step is to check that RoboForm is installed in Opera and Chrome. Of course it is.

Now, let’s try to save a new password.

When you save passwords you can use the RoboForm Editor for organizing and managing logins, bookmarks or contacts.


Configuring RoboForm is very simple because the most options are available via the right-click menu.

Options to filling or saving forms are displayed by default. Of course it’s easy to change it in Context menu.

The most important option (after filling and saving passwords) is generating passwords.

RoboForm Everywhere in my opinion is the best password manager in the world. It works with all major browsers, can store my data on my PC or in the cloud (so I can get my passwords everywhere!), can automatically log me into websites and it has many features that can make your browsing (and logging) better.

Reviewer: yuppy

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