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| January 19, 2012

Managing passwords is a tricky job, especially when you have a very long list. In most circumstances what people do is, either they use same passwords repeatedly or note down all the passwords on a text file. But these are very bad practices and should be avoided. As accounts with weak or common passwords can easily be compromised and important data can be stolen.

To help protect our passwords and manage them in a better way we can use password managers. Among those that are in the market, RoboForm is surely the best password manager. It is simple, feature rich and very easy to use.

In this post we’ll look into RoboForm, its features and why it is the best password manager available.


Before going ahead in my description about RoboForm and its features I would like to let you know that RoboForm comes in 3 flavors – RoboForm Everywhere, RoboForm Desktop and RoboForm2Go.

To get an idea about RoboForm Everywhere and RoboForm Desktop and how it differs from each other, then please take a look at this comparison chart (Link) between the two. In this article I will only focus on RoboForm2Go and describe it in details.

RoboForm2Go is a USB password manager. It is the portable version of the much acclaimed, well know desktop version of RoboForm. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to carry your login details in a USB to anywhere in the world. It makes logins and filling forms easier, faster and much more secure. RoboForm2Go runs directly from USB drive, thus it can be used in any computer. Its security lies in the fact that it doesn’t leave any traces on the host machine and also stores all the sensitive information in encrypted fashion. All in all it is extremely easy to use and provides complete security for your passwords.

Installation and Ease of Use

The installation is very simple. It’s same as any other software installation. Upon running the setup file, it will ask you to select the removable drive, where you want to install RoboForm2Go.

On the same window it will also give an option to whether run the application automatically once that removable drive is inserted. But since we already know Microsoft have disabled autoplay of USB drives on Windows 7, so it won’t have any affect if you are on Windows 7. After that you just have to click on the install button and it will start installing.

After completing the installation it will ask for a master password. Make sure that you create a strong master password that you will not forget. If you forget your master password, it cannot be recovered and all your RoboForm data will be lost. This is the only password you need to memorize, RoboForm2Go will memorize the rest of your passwords.

That was the last step of installation. So you have successfully completed the installation and ready to use it. It is very easy to use also. Just plug-in the USB drive, run the application (if you are in Windows 7) and you will able to see the RoboForm toolbar on your browser. Just create new passcards (Logins) and save it on RoboForm, and from the next time you have to remember any of your login details. Thanks to RoboForm you can enter your favorite sites hassle free.


  • One-Click Logins: Easily login to you website with just a single click. RoboForm2Go will fill up the login details for you and you just have to press a single mouse button to enter any website.
  • Securely Store Bookmarks: It can store and sync your bookmarks giving you access to your favorite websites from every browser.
  • Encrypted Safenotes: RoboForm2Go can also store sensitive notes and important documents. The files are stored in an encrypted format to prevent form unauthorized access.
  • Create Secure Passwords: Not only it can save passwords but it can also generate secure passwords. With the Generate feature we can easily get unique password strings, so as to give maximum protection for our accounts.

Among all these good features and ease of use the only thing I find missing is the support of Google Chrome. I being an ardent chrome user find it bit hard to accept that I cannot use it on my favorite browser. Another thing which I personally would love to see is the support of 64bit versions of IE. As now many people are on 64bit version, so it would be great if it is compatible with 64bit IE also.

With that being said, I would like to conclude this RoboForm2Go review. I recommend that you try RoboForm2Go for yourself and see how useful it can be to your everyday life. Isn’t it time you had peace of mind? Keep your passwords safe and take them with you wherever you go!

Review done by amazingAG


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