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| December 2, 2012

Backups are important which can save you from any accident or problems you incur that could lose your files. Second Copy can help you maintain your backups. Second Copy works by creating profiles for your backups and backups can be done as regular backups, move from location to backup location, synchronization of backups which also can synchronize deletions, and many more.

If in case your backup hard drive isn’t connected the notifications aren’t annoying and disappear quickly so you’ll know but if you’re not home you won’t have to click an exit button on notification as most I’ve used.


Installation is normal with welcome screen, license agreement, and installation. When it first starts it’ll come up to main screen with asking for registration or you can try it for 30 days. After you input or continue with trial you would come up to the main interface.


            Second Copy interface is easy to use and can be set up and left to do what it needs to do. At the top you’ll see the usual menus and below that is where you’ll create a new profile, local ftp profile, delete a selected profile, display properties of profile, the way it’ll be displayed when
looking at a profile, run, and display activity log.

Second Copy works with profiles, setting the profiles for each backup is easy and takes you step by step. When you start creating the profile you have two options Express setup or custom setup, the express setup is doing it by only 4 steps What?, Which files?, Where? and When?, those options gives you a way of selecting what you want to copy, destination of where you want it, when you want it done and finish and it’ll configure the rest.

The custom setup will take you to the same 4 steps giving you more ways to back up the files which you can select all files and folders or selected ones. You’ll also get the HOW? which gives you 6 ways to back up your system. The 6 different types are Simple copy regular copy, Exact copy which copy source to destination, deletes obsolete files from destination, move which moves source to destination, Compress which compress source into a ZIP file, Exact Compress same as Exact copy, and Synchronize which synchronize source and destination to match exactly and you can select it to also synchronize file deletions. There are various times you can setup for the backup to take

place and can be done frequently or daily or whenever you want to do the backup.

After backup profiles are set Second Copy can just be left running in background without interruption, it remembers what has been backed up and does not bother you when you are using computer. There is a notification if the backup destination is connected but it is not annoying and just uses a show and hide notification which is less annoying to others I’ve used that usually stay showing. So if you have a laptop you won’t have to worry about the notifications if destination is not connected. When running a backup it does use some amount of memory but when no backup

running it runs quietly and little resources are used.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Second Copy is a very good backup solution and easy to setup and use. No annoying notifications that will bother you when you are working. Backups are important due to errors or problems that can happen without any notice and if in case you have important information you don’t want to lose having a backup is good. I’ve done my backups manually and tried many and this seems to be one of the ones I could use regularly.

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