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| April 22, 2012

After Carefully reviewing the Secure My Files, I have come to the conclusion that this is a must have program for anyone who wants to secure their files, or email their files to loved ones, business partners, etc. With the comfort of knowing the files are safe 100%.

I ran this program through multiple scenarios and it passed each one with flying colors, I encrypted files on my PC, I ran the USB Part of the Program, and had encrypted files, removed the USB Drive and used it on another PC that was not part of my network of Computers. The Feature of being able to encrypt these files, and decrypt them without the Secure My Files Program is Such an Important Part of encrypt/decrypt cycle. I can encrypt a file, email it to my family or friends, they can in turn decrypt the file without any program at all. It puts a small SecureUSB program on the flash drive to decrypt the file, All that is needed is the password. Screenshot of the files being processed:

The Files After The Encryption Process:

Another Great and Very Important Feature that I love is the Minimal amount of Memory resources that this program utilizes, This is Perfect for Netbook Usage where Memory is Minimal, or for Older PC’s with the Memory concern. Notice the program takes less usage in memory than the Windows Desktop Manager in Windows 7. A little Over 25K to be exact.

This Program uses Advanced Algorithms to Secure your files (Secure My Files uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) also known as Rijndael. This is one of the most secure encryption algorithms.), and it is immune to keyloggers, so you do not worry about your password being revealed. I had encrypted some files, and with the use of Brute Force Password Recovery software was unable to accomplish the task of obtaining the password, I spent 22 hours in attempting to do so to no avail. This program does what it says and more.

The User Interface is very user friendly and very easy to operate. And another great feature is the Virtual Keyboard that is available to use:

Some Key Features of Secure My Files:

· Secure Bin Protection
· Ultra fast protection engine
· Special file/folder permissions
· Password protect your USB


· 256 MB of RAM
· 15 MB of disk space


Final Input:

If you want a True Secure Program to encrypt Files, USB Drives, Documents, etc. Then you must take Secure My Files for a test drive, I cannot give enough credit to this program, it truly is worth every penny spent. The Bottom Line is, “How Much would you be willing to pay to have the security of protecting your important documents and at a time when Hacking, Trojans, and other Backdoor Bugs are knocking on your computers back door…

Reviewed by MBarker


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