[Contest] SecurityKISS Tunnel [Forum Exclusive]

| August 20, 2012

SecurityKISS is a VirtualPrivateNetwork service which ensures your internet connection remains secure, private and anonymous.
It does this by redirecting your online traffic through a secure tunnel to a security gateway where all the data is encrypted.
This means your real IP address is hidden so websites will think you are browsing from somewhere else.

SecurityKISS is very easy to install.
After downloading the 2.47MB setup file it takes just a few mouse clicks to safely install the product.
The setup file is individually tailored to the downloader so your account details, whether free or paid, are automatically included.

After starting the application you have a big choice of servers to choose from.

It usually takes around 30 seconds to initially connect to a server and a similar amount of time when changing servers.
The free package allows you access to four server locations(UK,USA,France and Germany) but you are limited to only 300MB of data per day.This free package is not intended for video streamers but should be enough for light,anonymous browsing.
There are four pay plans which give you access to more servers/locations and allow more data:

All allow unlimited switching and most support email clients access.
They allow unlimited speed(usually whatever your normal connection can handle),VOIP,music and video streaming as well as games support.
The product is available to Windows(both 32 and 64 bit)and MAC users.
You are allowed to install and connect on any pc,although only one live connection is allowed at any one time.
My regular download speed is around 1-5MB/sec and I reached this speed when using all the servers during off peak times(2200-0600 GMT.)
Unfortunately during peak hours I often encountered buffering issues with the UK,French and German servers which resulted in speeds maxing out around 350kbps.
The applications cloaking ability worked from every server so with the top,emerald package,you can fool a website into thinking you are from any of 34 locations!
The major plus points of this service are:
1-Ease of use-just install and you’re ready to go!
2-Many server locations-11 countries at present with more to follow.
3-Good speeds.
4-Unlimited switching between servers
5-Improved security-each user has their own unique 1024 bit security
6-Allows anonymous downloads and connection to geo restricted sites.
7-Allows you to pause connection, for normal browsing, with a quick reconnection without exiting/restarting the program.
Of course it isn’t perfect and the major negative is the data caps on all but the most expensive plan.
At present proxy support isn’t available but should be in “the next few weeks.”
I would recommend this product for its ease of use and reliabilty. The added bonus of so many server locations make it one of the best value VPN services around.
Tech details:
This product was tested on a laptop running Windows 7 and a desktop running Windows XP.

Reviewed by djwatford

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