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| February 10, 2012

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most popular format for writing and creating electronic documents without doubt, and now it is an international standard for all kinds of documents.

There are many good programs for reading PDF files and they are more than enough for ordinary users because they have all the features for viewing, printing and reading. But the functionality of these PDF readers is very limited and not suitable for them who want to edit an existing PDF file or create a new one. For such purposes we need, of course, more advanced and powerful tool. There are a lot of good professional PDF programs. The most popular is Adobe Acrobat, but it is very heavy and expensive for many users.

Today we would like to present a very good PDF editor/creator which is not only powerful and has got useful features but also easy to use. The name of this excellent program is Soda PDF Professional which is created by the company LULU SOFTWARE.  Soda PDF includes very powerful and easy tools for viewing and editing PDF files. You can create PDF files from more than 300 formats, convert PDF files into Word and Excel files, text, HTML and images. It has also a support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Now let us have a look at its options, features and basically how it works.

The interface of the program is very easy and highly customizable. It has a so-called ribbon interface. It consists of following tabs : 1) View, 2) Create and Convert, 3) Edit and Insert, 4) Review, 5) Forms, 6) Secure and Sign, 7) OCR, 8)Options, 9) Custom. Each tab includes very useful and great tools for viewing, editing and converting PDF files.

The tab “View” allows us to customize viewing preferences. You can choose the most convenient viewing mode for you: view a document as 1) single page, 2) Continuous, 3) Facing, 4) Continuous Facing, 5) 3D View, and 6) Fullscreen. All these viewing features are very good, but the most interesting innovation of Soda PDF is an additional 3D View. Thanks to this feature each PDF file in the program can be viewed as an ordinary paper book. You can turn the pages with your mouse. Really very great innovation! You can zoom in or zoom out PDF with the special buttons, rotate your document on the right or left, find the words with the special tab “Find”, take a snapshot of selected page, and even compare document changing after editing. The tab “Select” allows you to copy the selected area of PDF file and paste it to the clipboard.

The next tab “Create and Convert” is specially created for creating and converting PDF files to other formats. You can create PDF files from blank page, template and any other files (more than 300 files in number). The process of creating is very easy and fast. Just choose any file and Soda PDF creates perfect PDF document from them. You can also create PDF files from Scanner- just import them to the computer and save as PDF. The special tab “Combine” allows you to combine several PDF files into one.  The Soda PDF also allows converting PDF files to Word, Excel, HTML, Text and Image. It integrates into your Office suite (for example Microsoft Office), so you can easily convert your Word and Excel documents directly to this application.

The tab “Edit and Insert” allows you to manage PDF documents. You can easily edit image and text of current PDF document. To perform image editing, just click on it. After that you can easily change the size, resolution and properties of the image. More than that you can also cut, paste, move, clip, crop and delete the selected image. Soda PDF   also allows you to change text in the current PDF page. You can insert image into PDF file, move and delete it, choose size of the text and font. Also you are able to split, rotate and number pages.

The fourth tab “Review” allows you to add Sticker notes to your PDF documents. You can use the special rectangle and oval tools for this purpose. Soda PDF has a very useful tool called “Stamp Tool”. By the help of this tool you will be able to stamp you PDF document. You can customize your stamps very easily and choose your favorite stamps from the list. The special “Pencil” tool allows you to create a comment. The tool “Attachment” gives opportunity to open, save and add attachments to the current document.

The “Forms” tab has all the features to create and edit a form. It has got a nice set of tools with all the properties that can be easily used for creating a form. Now thanks to Soda PDF creating or editing a form is very easy.

The tab “Secure and Sign” is specially designed for protecting PDF files against unauthorized distribution. Nowadays PDF documents are the standard in many countries around the world, so it is very essential to protect them. Soda PDF Professional allows you to protect files with a password or a special certificate. You can also sign a PDF document with a digital signature.

Very useful feature of Soda PDF professional is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It can accurately transform images and scanned documents into editable texts. Soda PDF has got the most accurate OCR among those that are available on the market.

Notable features:

  • Open, read and edit PDF files
  • Create PDF from almost any kind of file
  • One-button PDF creation From Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Convert PDF to Word and Excel files
  • Scan paper documents to PDF
  • Insert and edit text, adjust font, size, color and more
  • Edit images-rotate, crop, delete, etc.
  • Split pages of PDF documents
  • Encrypt PDF files with 128-bit and 256-bit level security
  • Optical Character Recognition

And many other great features.

Version tested is the full featured version: Soda PDF 2012 Pro + OCR

Download Soda PDF 2012

Reviewed by Sir William of Palerne


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