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| May 15, 2013


First set of options ..

“Include Chrome along with SUPERAntiSpyware for improved security”

“Make Google Chrome my default Browser” tick boxes with default as yes recommended for most people.

Confusing bit about  enter the product reg in the box or continue with free edition – needs changing to – Continue with trial PRO edition as there’s big differences

Add  E-mail option (for updates and products.)

I left the next 3 tick boxes ticked: get database, auto update and submit system diag and continued.

Put it on full scan , turned off scan boost (as I was working with other programs) left “scan inside .zip archives”

I Unticked “only scan modified files in the last …. days”

Further Scanning Controls :

Off we go :

In use was using 2Mb RAM and my system was using 50% CPU maximum : very good (dual core)

Both CPUs layers were being used but I suspect this is because I have other programs running like most users will

It scanned : loaded in memory , registry and files.

My expectations were it would find lots of ‘nasties’ and it lived up to this.

Critical threats : a UPX compressed Portable which has code that triggers good scanners with 5 files inside showing dangerous (its full isolated , but good it caught this)

35 tracking cookies – I wasn’t using   ‘turn site tracking off’ with Google Chrome : so good work

Choices : Trust selected item, Managed allowed items, Report False Positive ,Explain selected item

I clicked on one of the 5 threats and chose Explain selected item ….

This doesn’t tell me a lot so I had to do an online search .

Removed all threats and had to reboot just before rebooting SAS popped up with a warning that the critical ‘nasty’ was in my windows restore files. There’s a surprise, but good catch .

After reboot I  restarted  SAS using a custom scan and only pointed at the folder where it found the ‘nasty’ – it scanned the folder, registry and in memory it was presumably gone.

Or was it ?

Back to a complete scan (which it would have done on schedule later)….

Second Scan :

It caught the restore files this time and dealt out its justice – removing the restore hidden infections .

What’s New :

Rapid Definition updates : it was a fast  install which includes the latest virus definitions . I can only presume the time to download and install the virus definition was great improved . They was no delay with the server for me .

ALL New User Interface : Clean , tidy GUI , which I found easy to use I can’t compare as  I’ve not used  SAS regularly in the past on a daily use basis . However it has served me well in fights with infections.

More Powerful Scheduling System : 3 lots of settings – Quick Scan  , Complete Scan and Definition updates

This is a useful feature where you can plan this around you computer use time. Using Quick scan between Complete weekly Scans and definition updates when you will have least bandwidth use .

Quicker Application Start Up: I had never found this program slow before, but it loaded fast on a reboot .Again I have no real comparison to compare it against .

Faster Scanning : This is where SAS is highly impressive  . I found it very fast in comparison with it’s competition and very efficient. 46 Minutes for a FULL scan on my Hard Drives was fast.

My system for testing:

Actual system not a Virtual System

I left Microsoft Security Essentials Active.

Windows XP SP3 fully updated

2 Hard Drives (250Gb and a 1Tb both SATA 2)


I had 7 programmes running in the background

Pros :

Nice easy to handle GUI (interface)

Has lots of scanning options

Does a very good job of finding infected files where others haven’t

Light resource use means I can get on with stuff whilst it doing its dance

Didn’t interfere with my virus scanner.

Fast scanning time.


Left my restore files behind which were infected (didn’t do an auto recheck)

Very little information regarding the critical infected files

Didn’t advise me to update then shut down my internet when an infection is found (network)

Conclusion : Does a very efficient, fast job and caught everything I would have wanted it to catch.

Reviewer: CyberSpaced

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