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| October 28, 2012

Transferring files from your computer to your USB drive, and between different hard-disks is something we all do, almost everyday. But there is a problem which we all encounter. Slow copying speeds.

There are several softwares which can help in faster file transfers between storage devices, one of the well known ones is TeraCopy.

TeraCopy has a simple UI which is user friendly. You can access TeraCopy from the start menu.While in this UI mode, you can drag and drop files and select the destination folder. Although most users will prefer to set TeraCopy as their Default File Copier.

And you can turn this option off under preferences and still use the drag and drop option to transfer files.

TeraCopy can also be used to add copy/move buttons to popular shareware File Managers such as Total Commander and Directory Opus. Since I use neither, I haven’t tested it.

There is a debate that Windows 7 copies files much faster than TeraCopy, but I am not so sure about this. I feel that TeraCopy is certainly faster than Windows’s default one on my computer. Well I tested it a bit.


File size and action Time taken by TeraCopy Pro (mins) Time taken by Windows File Copier (mins) Copying Speed of TeraCopy Copying Speed of Windows File Copier
701 MB to USB 1:27 1:39 8.0 MB/S 7.0 MB/S
701 MB from USB 0:43 0:37 16.0 MB/S 17.0 MB/S
3.48 GB to USB 8:00 approx 8:40 approx 7.5 MB/S 7.0 MB/S
3.48 GB from USB 3:42 approx 3:20 approx 16.0 MB/S 17.5 MB/S


Let’s analyse the test results a bit.

The first test was to copy a 701 MB file from my computer to a USB drive. Both TeraCopy and Windows File Copier performed equally well with TeraCopy reaching a maximum speed of 8.5 Megabytes/second. The average speed was 8 Megabytes/second.

The second test was to copy the same file from the USB drive to my computer’s hard disk. Interestingly Windows Copy was slightly faster here reaching a maximum speed of 18 MB/S at some point, while TeraCopy reached a maximum speed of 17 MB/S.

The third test was to copy a set of files of 3.48 GigaBytes to the USB drive. TeraCopy proved to be faster here, while Windows Copy took about 40 seconds more to to copy the same files.

The fourth test was to copy the files from test 3 (3.48 GigaBytes)to my computer’s hard disk. TeraCopy took 3 minutes and 42 seconds to copy the files at an average speed of 16.0 MB/S, reaching 17 at some point. Now Windows  Copier wasn’t far behind with an average of 17.5  MB/S reaching a maximum of 18.2 MB/S and finishing ahead of TeraCopy by around 20 seconds.

The table proves that both, Windows 7 File Copier and TeraCopy are on par when it comes to speed, with minor hiccups. But this may not be the case if you are using Windows XP, I have used TeraCopy Free on Windows XP and it is indeed much faster than XP’s default Copier.

In my opinion TeraCopy is slightly better than Windows 7, here are the reasons why:

  • Pausing and resuming file transfers is handy.
  • Queuing of files is great, Windows lacks that and runs all transfers at once slowing the operation. TeraCopy handles this well, by    copying the files in the order they were added .
  • Checks for errors and skips bad files without cancelling the entire queue.
  • Verifies copied files for errors. You can turn this on permanently under preferences or run a check after a file copy operation has completed.

The paid version of the program includes the following features: 

  •     Copy/move to your favorite folders.
  •     Save reports as HTML and CSV files.
  •     Select files with the same extension/folder.
  •     Remove the selected files from the copy queue.

You can download TeraCopy from http://codesector.com/teracopy 

There is an updated beta version which you can download from http://blog.codesector.com/2012/01/30/teracopy-2-3-beta/

Reviewed by Ashwin



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