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| March 17, 2014

The Bat!One of who provide lots of feature and very convenient satisfaction for every one whatever who has business man, employees and public the feature is same for all of us.

The Bat! is certified by Microsoft and gives highly level encryption with The Bat! mechanism to their customers.


Key Features:

  • High level encryption.
  • Create your own PGP key (for more security purpose).
  • SmartBat (To make your work easy and fast).
  • Encrypt your sending emails just in one click with (Encrypt when complete).
  • Make your own templates and use it when you send each email.
  • The technical support (after purchase the license).
  • One click Backup and restore with specific profile and password protected.
  •  Change color of each area.
  • Individual log for each profile.


Highly level encryption:

The Bat! support almost all type of security authentication while sending and receiving email from server to local even hardware token and keep you secure with its protocols. The Bat! uses on-the-fly encryption to encrypt local files, but not messages which are sent/received. For sending and receiving The Bat! Makes use of the PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME while send and receive emails if you select the encryption  modewhile installing and you can create your own sign for receive only although email which you need from tool tab. If you want create your own encryption key so you can find PGP key manager in option tab to create your own key to pair with your own detail for pairing.The tool tab not only provides this feature but you can also find many useful features in it.


The Bat! Protect you from malicious coding, exe files, URL, and etc. The Bat! Doesn’t open all these thing automatically until you not click on it and it has its own html for bat and you can also use system html viewer.
The Bat! secures you from each corner even when you see images through Bat you’re secure because The Bat! has its own image viewer or downloader.  Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution Prevention (DEP) for protecting the computer from viruses and malicious codes spread via email. The Bat! developer known security value, a security can make people happy and make the reason of destroy your life.


The smartbat, this feature provide you convenient option to you save your time and make easy your work full bat feature and also provide collection of all those features which you need while sending email.


The templates is keep an important values while sending emails some time we send email very quickly we don’t care when we send immediately email to important person, but don’t worry
The Bat! also make this your work easy and apply your own template in standard form with your


Protect from accidently delete:

The Bat! provides a special feature Parking this feature is protect your emails from accidently delete, you just have to select an email and click on straight of “P” of blue color.
Without removing parkingP you can’t delete your parking email.

Customize and Synchronies:

The Bat! provide customize option for each whatever although, reply, forward, compose and etc.
when we talk to sync between two folder of deferent email ids with email IDs and everything.

Lets talk about all tabs and what are works of those:


Message Tab:

The message tab is the first tab of The Bat! From here you can configure each thing related to the sending and receiving emails you make beautiful your secure email client through colour group
make your own group with specific design, colour, and font.
From the attachment option you can direct open and print and before print you can use print preview, and many useful available in message tab.

Special Tab:

Special tab is really special that provide many keen features in Bat like view source this is help when you don’t know who send you this email by clicking on it you will find where this email come from.

Account Tab:

This tab is related with you account profile you can use send and receive email command from this tab, create and delete new account or existing account and also manage account from here.

The sorting office one of useful feature in account tab by using this tab you create new filter and set auto reply and other thing related with sending and receiving email, remember one thing when you will going to be use properties is individual for each account profile.

Tools Tab:

The Tools tab is very important tab in The Bat! this tab provide some useful features like, backup, restore, synchronies and privacy and many useful feature you can say this tab cover
almost all features of The Bat!, i like SmartBat, if you ask my work about SmartBat this is awesome.


View Tab:

The view is enough to know what is use of this all those which is related change the colour of anything like background inbox, mail ticker, source code board, change the view of profile and
you can set individual view of each category from minor view to major view.

Folder Tab:

Folder tab is use to create and delete folder in email profile.

1. Maintenance center > manage your folder which folder you emails you want to check or not.

2. Change the colour and create a group with specific colour and may more.

3. Decrease the size of folder and make compact, empty the whole folder with one click.

4.And  many interesting things about the folder I hope you would  personally like to check all it features.

Workspace Tab:

The workspace tab is use to modify in toolbar and which tool shortcut icon you want to see or


By using this tab change the view in column, row pan, horizontal, vertical and etc.

Option Tab:

The option tab is use for modification of each section like html viewer, how you want to see you messages in which colour and modify application of The Bat! source view, antivirus, anti-spam,
attachment security and lots of setting you can do from Option>Preference.

The network & administration is use to set related with network automatic connect and disconnect timing and set the proxy of the network.

Help Tab:

About the help I just want to say this enter the registration key and enjoy the your email with high level security, technical support, Tips of the day and etc.

To know more about The Bat! Please visit www.ritlabs.com

reviewer:  mohammadwasi7861

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