[Contest] Total Commander 8.0 [Forum Exclusive]

| June 4, 2012

Total Commander is a great file manager. This program was created long time ago, but even now it is the best manager and a number of users who uses it is constantly increasing every year. There are many reasons why it is so popular. The main advantage of this software is that it is very simple, easy to use and has a great set of features. Using Total Commander is much easier and more understandable than in-built Windows tools.

You can perform any action with files using this program because a number of different features and tools of Total Commander is really impressive. Additionally to that features, the program has a lot of various applications for working with archivers, audio and video files. This program finely works with 32 and 64 bit Widows and it does not require a powerful system resources and a large amount of memory.

Let’s see the program more fully. The main window of Total Commander is divided into two parts for easy working with files. You can perform all necessary manipulations, for example copying, moving, etc. in one part and then easily move it into another. You can all the information about file or folder, for example their type, size, creation date, etc.

Interface of the program is very easy. It consists of six control buttons. Using these buttons is very comfortable and very simple. You can perform any action with your files and folders: 1.Files, 2.Mark, 3.Commands, 4.Net, 5.Show, 6.Configuration.

The first button “Files” allows you to do a lot of actions: Split file, combine files, encode-decode file, test archive and many others. The second button “Mark”: By the help of this button you can select-unselect group, save-restore selection, copy selected names to clipboard, etc. The third button “Commands”: you can perform various commands: search files, get full information about system, etc. The fourth button “Net”: it is created for working with Internet and FTP servers. You can set up network connection, disconnect Network drives, connect to FTP, create a new FTP connection, etc. The fifth button “Show”: you can customize the appearance of the Total Commander, for example, add tree view, full view, short view, etc. The sixth button “Configuration” allows you to configure various features of the program for easy working with various tasks.

Below the control buttons you can see the panel of various in-built plugins( you can also find a lot of additional plugins and add-ons here http://www.ghisler.com/addons.htm and here http://www.totalcmd.net/) and additional tools. Every user is free to configure this panel according to his need and choose his own programs. Below the panel there are disk buttons for easy and fast switching between the hard drive directories.

Working with the program Total Commander is very easy and comfortable. It replaces a lot of applications for working with files. And it is not surprising because Total Commander has all necessary components- players, graphic editors, viewers, many system utilities programs, etc. Shortly saying you have everything for everyday work with your computer. This program is really of high quality. It has a huge number of features and capabilities, a lot of settings, various plug-ins and add-ons. It does not consume much system resources so you can install it even on slower machine. The interface of the program is simple and convenient so working with it is real pleasure.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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