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| July 25, 2012

An amazing and an awesome utility software: True Launch Bar


A True Launch Bar is the best replacement for the standard Quick Launch Bar. An amazing way to organize the quick launch icons is the use of true launch bar. It organizes the shortcuts on your computer desktop amazingly making it easier to find whatever we need or whatever we are searching for. True Launch Bar solves all these problems accessing quick solution to your PC.

True Launch Bar has the capability to work faster, efficiently and effectively. True Launch Bar, is easy to use, convenient, provides powerful features and must utility tool for all users. True Launch Bar helps in customization of your computer desktop as you needed. Its custom menu on the taskbar lists the same applications. It has a drag and drop feature that replaces the necessary shortcuts. The select menu icons make it easier to find applications fast. True Launch Bar also shows the tooltips that helps to find what you are looking for. Grouping of items by topic with separators and submenus is easier. 

Very Advantageous:

Customizing separate toolbar buttons and menu items are its unique advantage where the list of properties can be changed to:

  • Bold or italic text label
  • Align the text label for menus
  • Resize icons for every button and menu item

It has an awesome feature of adding buttons that are very similar to small applets, adding both functionality and attractiveness to your desktop. For example it helps to see the latest weather forecast, manage personal contacts, check incoming mails, track all news updates, and adjust volume of the music, etc.

Extraordinary unique features:

True Launch bar has the most extraordinary unique features that act as the best replacement for the standard Quick Launch Bar. Some of the features are:

  • Compatibility with standard Quick Launch

True Launch Bar is very easy and compatible with the Quick Launch toolbar. This amazing feature installs all essential and additional icons for True Launch Bar that are also in Quick Launch.

  • Improved separators

True Launch Bar manages some extraordinary features for separators such as Enable Expand and Collapse menu item

  • Virtual Folders

Virtual folders can be created on the True Launch Bar. For this reason True Launch Bar can be used as small file manager where you can add separators with titles into Virtual folders.

  • Run your shortcuts without click

True Launch Bar has this unique feature to “Run on mouse hover” where you can run your shortcuts without click the mouse. You have to just point to your button and wait for some a short time and the press CTRL key to suspend.

  • Fast toolbar switching

True Launch Bar can define some of shortcuts sets and quickly switch between them using its context menu.

  • Related Links

It also facilitates to add related links to every button. It helps to create your own links libraries.

  • Better Protection

Protection feature is enabled in True Launch Bar by selecting passwords to any setup so that nobody can run, delete or change your button.

  • Auto-sensing toolbar

One of the most unique features of True Launch Bar is Auto-Sensing toolbar which can change content of toolbar depending on the application you work improving accessibility of needed shortcuts saving a lot of space on task bar or other toolbars.

  • Overlay Images on menu

You can now set images for menus which allow you to quickly find out what menu you open.

  • Support PNG images as icon

True Launch Bar supports icons in PNG format than other formats that supports transparency and automatic image resizing. It also supports three state PNG image as button.

  • And many more…

Supports exciting plug-ins and skins:

It has amazing new plug-ins which adds much more power full functionality in making your desktop more and more attractive. All the plug-ins provides excellent features in its use and functionality. Their amazing plug-ins feature includes:

  •   Address book
  •   Add and Remove
  •   Media Control
  •   Core Temperature
  •   Battery Monitor
  •   Calculator
  •   Mail Monitor
  •   Command Line
  •   Display mode
  •   System Monitor
  •   Virtual Desktop
  •   Process Viewer
  •   Make Screenshot
  •   Weather Forecast
  •   Service Manager

Improved Command Line plug-ins can be set on the true launch bar toolbar which helps you to execute any command by typing it on keyboard. It replaces the Run dialog from standard Start menu.

Most of all it has interesting and excellent skins for personality.  It also supports default Windows visual styles. It has an extended auto-hide feature control that makes the taskbar much more efficient. Overall true launch bar is an awesome and a must utility tool which is a replacement of quick launch icons.


True Launch Bar is truly a very powerful tool and best replacement of Quick Launch Bar. True Launch Bar has many amazing features which the standard Quick Launch toolbar lacks. You can customize the way it works to suit your needs and the way you work. It supports skins, large icons, drag and drop  and many more essential features. As a whole this is a must essential application for a student, a teacher, or a working professional.  It can help you to be more productive and organized for its excellence.

Reviewed by Km2012



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