[Contest] TuneUp Media (Lifetime licenses)

| June 21, 2013

Ever had music tracks that was imported by a CD and only said track01, track02, etc. but always wanted it to say the name of the track instead of track01. Tuneup Media software works to fix your music library on iTunes or Windows Media Player not only finding the names of the tracks but finding the information and album art cover. It is quick at finding the results and letting you configure which ones are correct.


Tuneup Media interface is easy to maneuver and if set up as default it will start up when you start iTunes or Windows Media Player up. You have four tabs on top where you select what you want to do, the first one is for cleaning up your music library and finding the information of the tracks, the second option Let’s you find cover art for your music, third option lets you find duplicate files and make sure you don’t have 2 or more of the same one and the last one gives you information of the music you are listening to from showing any upcoming concerts to lyrics of the song. When adding songs to one of this sections is real easy by just selecting the songs you want Tuneup Media to clean, or find cover art is by just dragging the music to the section which makes it easy to add.


Tuneup Media Clean feature cleans out the music by adding the correct information that goes with the song(s) which will still let you choose what info is correct if in case it does not detect the correct information. Depending on how much you added to the clean section, it would still go quick and should have found almost all which there could be some that it could miss but from every 50 it could miss around 5 or so depending on the songs you have. The album art works about same and depends on song if it has multiple you can choose what album art you want for music, or you can save all and just go with what Tuneup Media found. The search is quick and there’s not much waiting for the results to come in.

The Deduper is a duplicate finder is something that could come useful when you have various songs that are duplicate but this gives you an easy to find and delete the duplicate files to clean up space. Duplicates can usually happen especially with large libraries of music.
Tuneup Media not only provides cleanup of your music but also provides information to the now playing music with the Tuniverse gives you all the information of the music you are playing with lyrics, concerts, music videos, and share the music with friends through Facebook, twitter, etc. This could help you find the concerts of your favorite music or start singing with the lyrics Tuneup Media.
In the settings it lets you change on how Tuneup Media starts up if you want it to start with iTunes or Windows Media Player or just as a standalone. It also lets you manage on how it cleans your music up with what it does when it is finished and what default metadata it should add.


Thoughts and Conclusion
Tuneup Media is great for any music lover. Tuneup Media will help you clean up your music library and help make it look better and be able to find the music you want to play. It is quick at finding the results and usually finds all of what you add to Tuneup Media. This works well with iTunes and Windows Media Player and it is easy to use. Most of the finding s you are able to manually check or save all. This could easily be something usefull to use when you have hundreds of songs that you don’t have time to go one by one on figuring out which one it is. Give it a try at www.tuneupmedia.com.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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