[Contest] TuneUp Utilities 2013 [Forum Exclusive]

| February 6, 2013

It is no secret that Windows operating system needs a good optimizing and cleaning service, but unfortunately Windows in-built tools cannot give us everything for performing these actions. Therefore a lot of users prefer to use specific programs from third-party developers. One of these programs is TuneUp utilities 2013- powerful program with a great set of tools for optimizing and cleaning Windows operating system. This new version has lots of improvements and new features as compared with Tuneup Utilities 2012. Now it offers even more possibilities, so the trivial question: “Why is my operating system so slow?” – is not actual. Now we have got everything for correct , and smooth optimizing of our PCs. We can defragment hard disks and registry, uninstall unneeded programs, fix common problems, modify the interface of operating system, etc.

The interface of Tuneup utilities 2013 consists of five main tabs: 1. Status and recommendations, 2. Optimize computer, 3. Clean up computer, 4. Fix problems, 5. Customize Windows. You can switch from one tool to another easily and quickly. The tab “Status and Recommendations” contains the basic tools for system check and automatic correction of errors. It is most suitable for novice users because it allows to perform all actions in one click and very fast. You can clean and defragment registry, remove broken shortcuts, clean up Windows, programs and browser, optimize system startup and shutdown and defragment hard disk. In this tab there are three additional tools such as “Increase performance”, “Fix problems” and “System protection”. By the help of the tool “Increase performance” you can improve performance of operating system and adjust some important settings. For example you can optimize hardware and software performance, internet connection, browser settings and visual effects. The tab “System protection” is a versatile recovery center. You can always undo changes and go back to the previous state of the system.

The tab “Optimize computer” includes tools designed for working with system applications. For example, by using these tools, you can disable programs, uninstall them. It has a lot of tools for reducing system load. You can clearly see which programs use the most computer resources and disable them. Updated Live Optimization technology allows you to optimize all running Windows active processes. The program can deactivate all unnecessary programs that consume precious system resources with a couple of clicks. It is very essential and great feature of Tuneup utilities 2013. We all have a lot of programs and if they do not work they waste our computer resources in vain because they all have unknown to us background processes which slow down our computers greatly. But now thanks to Tuneup utilities 2013 users have complete control over all the running programs and now they won’t slow down your computer. You can easily install more than 100 programs but your Windows operating system will work smoothly and without any slowness. Besides that Tuneup Utlities 2013 has a very useful tool called “Turbo mode”. It allows you to free more resources temporarily disabling some tasks and services. It analyses the current state of the system, identifies secondary services and programs that do not affect system operation and disables them. Turbo mode helps you to optimize and improve the performance of games and other programs. By the help of so-called “Economy mode” which is intended only for mobile devices (netbooks, notebooks) you can increase and extend the battery life of your notebook, etc. The tab “Optimize computer” also contains special service tools for registry cleaning and defragmentation, system startup optimization and hard disk defragmentation.

The next tab “Clean up computer” was greatly improved as compared with the 2012 version. Now it offers more powerful cleaning abilities. You can clean up browser and remove broken shortcuts. Tuneup  utilities 2013 allows you completely clean Windows and unneeded remnants of more than 150 programs. You can easily clean up Windows temporary files, log files, activity traces, old restore points, Windows update backups, etc. Tuneup browser cleaner, which is suitable with all popular modern browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox, securely cleans Browser cache, cookies and browsing history. You can also clean Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight cookies, broken shortcuts. This tab also contains two special tools “Find and delete large amounts of data” and “securely delete data”. The first helps you to find large files and securely delete it. The second called Tuneup Shredder deletes your sensitive data which cannot be restored even with special undelete programs.

The fourth tab “Fix problems” allows you to solve the most common Windows operating system. It is very useful tool with which you can fix minor problems without much trouble. Using this tool you can restore the missing icons from the desktop, fix display issues and problems working with files and folders. Besides that you can also check hard disk for errors. Built-in utility called Tuneup Doctor, scans the drive and if the errors are found, tries to correct them. This tab also includes the special utility for recovering accidentally deleted files.

The fifth tab “Customize Windows” : you can easily modify Windows settings, personalize its options and behaviors. It allows you to customize Start Menu, Taskbar, Windows animations and effects. Besides that you can personalize the appearance of Windows, for example, change Logon screen, visual effects and system elements. You can find and download free themes from Tuneup utilities site.

Tuneup utilities 2013 is powerful and perfect program for optimizing, cleaning and customizing Windows operating system.. A lot of improvements and innovations such as Tuneup disk cleaner, Tuneup browser cleaner, etc. have already made it one of the best program ever created. Just try it and you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by Malkhaz


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