[Contest] TwistedBrush Pro Studio [Forum Exclusive]

| October 2, 2012

It is goes without saying that almost everybody loves to draw. I am sure all of us drew some simple pictures during childhood and some of us still hold colored pencils or paint brushes and draw in their free time amazing pictures. The twenty-first century gives us a lot of possibilities to show our talent and we do not need a canvas, oil, pencils or brushes. The modern computer technologies give us a great chance to become Rembrandt or Rubens. Our computers are our TwistedBrush Pro Studio, the mouse is our brush and the monitor is our canvas. But we need a good drawing program which has all necessary features to make us great artists. Of course, there are a lot of good programs but not all meet our requirements. Today I want to say some words about a program which has everything for easy and comfortable drawing. And the name of this program is TwistedBrush Pro Studio – it is the program with which you can create your own pictures from nothing. It will make from you real artists and help to paint great masterpieces. Yes, it is very easy to become a great artist with TwistedBrush Pro Studio!

TwistedBrush Pro is an amazing program for artists and not only for them. It offers endless possibilities for drawing. Very powerful features which are quite enough even for professional artists and easy enough for beginners allows you to create cool-looking pictures.

TwistedBrush Pro supports the most popular image formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, PSD, BMP, PCD, WMF and EMF.

Twistedbrush Pro includes a large variety of drawing tools such as pencils, brushes, etc. But its strength is in huge number of brushes. The number of brushes is so huge that it is very difficult to count them. They are thousands and thousands. There are a lot of types of the brushes, for example, Art Pro, Art Tools, Design, Nature, etc.

The program has a lot of inbuilt brushes, but you can create your own one too. Using the special features you can change the basic brush types and produce a wide range of brushes.

The program has a lot of tools for managing pictures. For example, Brush tool, Color Picker tool, Crop Tool, Move Tool, Text tool, and many others. They allow you to perform various operations with your image, crop it, move it, line it, etc. You can find the full description and usage of this tool here- http://help.pixarra.com/s/help_resources/m/user_guide/c/16987

The program allows you resize image, rotate and flip it. Beside that you can also control various functions of the image, for example increase and decrease size, increase and decrease density, increase and decrease opacity, etc.

TwistedBrush is a great drawing program for everybody who loves drawing. It has everything for creating great pictures. I highly recommend it not only to them who are professional artists but also to them who are beginners because after using it they will really become a good artist and create good-looking pictures.


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