[Contest] Uber Turing Machine, Turing Machine Simulator

| August 4, 2011

Uber Turing Machine is a Turing machine simulator for students, academics and programming enthusiasts. It enables to program, visualize, debug, run and log Turing machine algorithms.

Key Features

This is the list of key features that shows our Turing machine simulator as a good choice for studying and programming the Turing machine:

* Convenient creating of algorithms, ability to save and load them on/from a disk.
* Fast adding of repetitive data onto the tape.
* Verification of correctness of an alrogithm and tape data.
* Running and debugging in the three modes: normal, single-step and a quick mode.
* Logging of program’s execution, advanced output statistics.
* The following sample programs are already included with the Turing machine simulator: mathematical addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, binary counting and palindrome detection.
* Detailed help documentation is included.
* The portable version of Uber Turing Machine is available.

In cooperation with SuperUtils (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 3 licenses of Uber Turing Machine!

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