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| September 2, 2012

VikingPCHealth is a unique program that protects your PC against malware. You can download VikingPCHealth and scan your computer without forking out a cent! Furthermore, it does not require installation as it runs straight from a CD or DVD, USB flash drive, local hard drive or a network attached hard drive. VikingPCHealth is equipped with five antivirus scanners in one program. Put your mind at rest that your system is safe with VikingPCHealth. Its advanced features will provide you with strong protection against any virus or spyware threats.

VikingPCHealth is available in different language versions and, of course, in English too.

Scanning the computer isn’t taking long:

Activation of the product:

The size of the installation file is less than 8MB, so it won’t take up space on your PC. There are so many competing products in the market, but most of them will slow down the operation of your computer. In contrast, one of the biggest advantages of VikingPCHealth is its ability to maintain optimal performance of your PC, without slowing it down.

Your computer may be infected today, without you even knowing it. Most of us nowadays store valuable data on our PCs, hence why so many hackers want to penetrate our systems and steal this data. Everyone is prone to cyber attacks, unless equipped with proper armour. VikingPCHealth will upload any suspicious file from your PC to a scan cloud of 5 antivirus programs, which will confirm whether the file is infected with a virus or spyware. VikingPCHealth will remove infected files and your computer will be free from viruses. It works like Hitman Pro and has a number of similar and related features.

There is no need to uninstall your current antivirus software; you can still install VikingPCHealth as it will work exceptionally well together with your existing antivirus system, whether it’s a free or paid version. The product can be used as the second scan as it may work well with your current security protection, offering you a valuable second opinion.

VikingPCHealth has a pleasant, simple to use interface too! The software is available for multiple Windows platforms in both 32 and 64-bit versions. After downloading the software, you can run it straight away without going through a setup process.

Supported operating systems:

– Microsoft Windows 7

– Microsoft WindowsVista

– Microsoft Windows XP

VikingPCHealth price is set at $29.95

In summary, you can download and scan your computer for free to see if there are any threats. On a personal note, VikingPCHealth proved itself as a potent piece of antimalware software. I strongly recommend VikingPCHealth for its value for money! Scans are very fast, and I love how it makes use of cloud scanning at stunning speeds. It takes a few minutes to complete the scan and clean your PC from malware. This dynamite software is simply the best, leaving ordinary software lagging behind.

For more information about the product visit the official website www.vikingpc.org.

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