[Contest] VPN IN TOUCH [Forum Exclusive]

| December 2, 2012

A VPN can be useful for people who are concerned about their security. There are many VPN services available but only very few of them work on different devices and operating systems.

Today we’ll be taking a look at what VPN in touch has to offer.

By establishing a secure virtual tunnel between your computer and our servers, VPN technology encrypts all the data you transmit over the Internet. Consequently, every internet-enabled program you use becomes secure: from ICQ to e-mail and FTP.

VPN technology allows you to easily access your favourite websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, even if they have been blocked by the government in your country.

When using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, such as hotels or airports, there is always a risk that a third party might be tracking your traffic. Eliminate that risk by connecting to our dedicated secure servers!

Get A Virtual U.S. Citizenship! Enjoy the full features of Hulu.com and hundreds of other terrific websites which up until now were only accessible to the residents of the United States.

VPN in touch is available for the following operating systems:


Mac OSx



Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Phone

You can visit http://vpnintouch.com/support.php for tutorials on how to setup VPN in touch for the OS of your choice

They also have some nice video tutorials on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/vpnintouch

I tested the vpn and got connected to a Canadian server. Just tested it by trying to access Google.com which redirects to corresponding Google page.

As you can see from the screenshot it shows Google.ca instead of Google.in. I did not see any notable difference in the speed, so it’s quite good.

I couldn’t find any option on their website to test the service on a computer. I had to use one of their licenses which they gave us to test their service. And I couldn’t see any option to buy a subscription directly from their website. So this limits their customer base to iOS users only

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