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| September 20, 2012

It might be a common problem for most of us that over the period of time our new OS starts dragging and the loading time increases from seconds to minutes. Thereafter, begins our bragging about OS drawbacks, etc. The problem does not entirely lay with the OS, but mainly the user, i.e., US – we the users.

Maintaining system (OS/PC/Laptop) is as important as maintaining any other item be it our Television, Smartphone, or Car, say for example. Even when the system begs for a help (slowing down even a browser load) we still try ignoring the poor’s cry, because we are selfish and think that the poor guy (OS) is just trying to act smart- and wants more RAM. We add more RAM, and the guy works fine for a couple of more days, and even months. Again comes the cry and we burst out our anger by going for a clean install. All this becomes a vicious circle – a never ending process. Believe me or not, I was a part of this circle for a long time, when I decided to be careful from day-1 of my OS installation.

On one hand, Windows 7 is by far the best Operating System which has lot of maintenance tools built in, BUT on the other hand it has most of those tools hidden from the user. There is no interface/menu where one could find all these tools in one-go. I must say, this is very typical of Microsoft. However, there is no need to panic because today I’m going to introduce you to a very famous application – Windows 7 Manager- from Yamicsoft.

Yamicsoft is a well-known developer for giving us Windows Manager Applications for XP, Vista, Windows-7 and recently Windows-8.

Windows 7 Manager is a powerful application you would ever require for tweaking and optimizing your Windows 7. It is an All-in-One tool and comes with more than 30 different utilities at the price one software; and helps you to have your system run faster, be reliable, stable and secure.





Let me take you through Windows 7 Manager (W7M) and discuss about it in detail.


The installation is piece of cake and up on first run it offers to do a system restore for you. The different tools are categorized under 7 tabs namely, Information, Optimizer, Cleaner, Customization, Security, Network and Misc. Utilities. As the name suggests each tab has its own specific utility tools.

The interface is pretty clean as shown below

A. Information Tab:

This tab includes tools –

1. System Information– It gives detailed information on system, hardware and other relevant information about your system. The entire report could be exported to Html.

2. Process Manager– This is a very important tool. It shows you all the running processes & threads, their Owner, Path, Company and Digital Signer. Additionally you can set priority, kill, or even Blacklist a process.

3. Optimization Wizard– This section has 12 steps to bring back your system in Good shape. It presents a very detailed and step by step process, with skip feature.

4. 1-Click Cleaner– This cleans your system automatically with just one click. It is pretty fast and effective.

5. Repair Center– This section is another major part and encompasses all the tools you would ever require for fixing your system problems. It is very extensive and has loads of functionalities as depicted from the snap below:

B. Optimizer Tab: It helps you to improve system performance

This tab includes tools –

6. System Speed– to improve system startup and shutdown speed; tweak your (hardware) RAM and Disk Cache to increase system speed and performance. Be careful while making hardware changes.

7. Startup Manager– to control/disable unwanted programs from running at system start thereby reducing the startup time

8. Service manager– to control/disable/Tune up and optimize system services

9. Task Scheduler– Here you can find and manage all the tasks set for your system. The best part is the one click control W7M provides (as shown below) for novice users to disable set of tasks without having to go into the technical details.

C. Cleaner Tab: It helps you to keep your system clean thereby increasing its performance

This tab includes tools –

10. Disk Analyzer – it gives a tabular and graphical view of the file/folders on your hard disk

11. Smart Uninstaller – it helps removing programs cleanly without having them leave any file/folder/registry entries

12. Junk File Cleaner – it finds and cleans junk files to increase hard disk space

13. Dup. Files Finder – it scans your system for files with the same size, name and modification time; thereby helps you remove duplicates and increase hard disk space

14. Registry Cleaner – it checks and repairs incorrectly linked registry entries. You can select the registry entries (out of 15) which you want W7M to clean, as shown below. It also allows you to back up the registry entries listed for deletion, before they are deleted – so that in event of any issue you can add them back.

15. Registry Defrag – it rebuilds and re-indexes your entire registry to reduce access time, thereby improving system/application responsiveness

16. Desktop Cleaner – it moves unwanted shortcuts and files on desktop to a defined set of folders.

D. Customization Tab: It helps you to customize the look of your system and add cosmetic changes giving it a better and personal look.

This tab includes tools –

17. Customize System – it helps tweaking system Explorer, Desktop, Start Menu, Taskbar and Notification area. In case you are unsatisfied by the changes you have made, it also has a Restore option to revert back to the System Default.

18. JumpList Launcher – it helps create quick startup items on Taskbar with the Jump List launcher. You can also backup your jumplists here and use it on another system.

19. Boot Configuration – it helps you to Tune up Windows 7 boot menu by renaming boot entry name, changing boot menu timeout and specifying the partition for boot entry. Make sure that you back up the existing settings before making any changes, as the boot menu/entry are very critical for your OS.

20. Context Menu – it helps editing context menus of mouse Right-Clicking. You can also add new entries or delete the existing ones. The best part I liked is the ability to add Administrator Privilege entry, as shown below:

21. Run-Shortcut Creator – it helps create/edit the shortcuts that executed on Run dialog box

22. Visual Customizer – it helps changing system/file/library/drive icons, customize the logon background, change OEM information and many other visual changes.

E. Security Tab: It helps you to improve and increase system security and take it to a new level.

This tab includes tools –

23. System Security – it helps improving system security by tweaking system components, UAC, login settings and Update/Error reporting. Below are some snaps to get an idea of tweaking it provides.

24. Other Security – it helps control/change System Restore options and Control Panel options. 

25. Drives and Programs – it helps you to hide and restrict access to specific drives (including removable) and programs.

26. Files and Folders – it helps Encrypt/decrypt files, safely shred files, move system folders to user selected locations and most importantly prevent Image Hijack.

27. File Undelete – it helps recover those files which were accidentally deleted or formatted on disk. You can opt either of Deleted or Formatted scan. Additionally, you can also select the file type for the scan.

28. Privacy Protector – it helps in preserving your personal privacy by eliminating the tracks that you leave behind for IE, Typed URLs, recent documents and alike.

F. Network Tab: It helps you to tweak the network settings and get optimized internet connection speed.

This tab includes tools –

29. System Network – it helps to tweak your network settings to optimize it to get better Internet connection speed

30. IE Manager – it helps to tweak your Internet Explorer easily, bypassing the tedious IE settings windows

31. IP Switcher – it helps to create various profiles, and then have you easily switch amongst them as and when required

32. Hosts Editor – it helps to edit the hosts file easily


G. Misc. Utilities: It includes various tools to help you work efficiently on your system.

This tab includes tools –

33. My task – it helps you define tasks based on CPU/Processor usage, Keyboard input, Network Traffic

34. Windows Utilities – it provides you a collection of Windows utilities in one easy to use interface

35. File Splitter – it helps you split (and merge) any files based on either a custom size or CD/DVD/Blue-Ray discs predefined sizes

36. Super Copy – it helps you define various copy schemes for automatically backing-up files on a regular basis

37. Registry Tools – it includes various registry tools such as backup, restore, extended/specific search which would help you to operate Windows Registry easily



The amount of control Windows 7 Manager gives you has its both pros and cons. In some cases you may not require to have any knowledge on the settings and depend entirely on W7M wizards to guide you. But in some instances you should have some technical background because you have to make choices especially in the Network section. Whatever the case may be W7M provides you an extraordinary control and power to manage your OS/system.

Strong Points:

  1. Easy to install and use
  2. Option provided to either back up the existing settings or revert back to default
  3. Interface can be password protected
  4. License gives 2 years of FREE upgrades, support
  5. Program supports both 32 bit and 64 bit OS
  6. Everything is laid out cleanly, making it easy to understand
  7. An All-in-One tool with 37 tools to provide you a better management of your OS/system



  1. An extensive help file will be very helpful for novice users
  2. Ability to resize the main interface
  3. An option to automatically back up the settings before user could make the changes

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