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| April 1, 2011

he “OnLAN Messenger” service’s name comes from “local area network [LAN] message exchange.” It underlines that OnLAN secure instant messenger is corporate-oriented (enterprise) and corresponds with the needs of companies (and sister companies) for a convenient, controllable, safe, and secure messaging software.

OnLAN Messenger is a client-server, multi-user application for message and file exchange. This product has been specially developed for  corporate networks as an enterprise instant LAN messenger. Therefore, its functions (messenger and chat) and settings are primarily focused on making sure that businesses have a secure and convenient means of sending files and messages.

Top benefits:

– Send messages to your colleagues (anywhere in the world) through your own corporate instant messaging network
– Take advantage of features essential for your team and forget about useless and complicated functions
– Enjoy guaranteed highest security level with messenger chat, which simply can’t be achieved by public messengers like ICQ, AIM, and MSN
– Monitor the actual working time of your employees
– Save on the most cost-effective enterprise messaging software

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