Create amazing web 2.0 applications with PL/SQL

| April 4, 2011

Formspider is a Web 2.0 framework that lets you build applications with only PL/SQL. Formspider apps run using 100% AJAX, DHTML and JavaScript without the need to know any of them.


  • In Formspider, PL/SQL is the only scripting language. There is no need to know any other programming language such as Java or JavaScript.
  • Formspider lets you build one page, fully AJAX applications with just PL/SQL. You don’t need to interact with the DOM or manage your own AJAX calls to build rich web applications.
  • Develop at a higher level of abstraction than HTML tags. Manage many ready-to-use UI Components such as Trees, Grids, Tabs from PL/SQL for enterprise grade applications.
  • Formspider empowers you, eliminates the drudgery of the Web and embraces all its beauty. Once you start using it, you will never want to build with anything else.
  • Web Applications built with Formspider are automatically optimized for IE6+, FireFox 2.0+ and Google Chrome with no additional effort.
  • Create gorgeous charts that work across browsers using the rich Formspider Chart Library.


Category: Internet