Create and share stunning customized photo albums with Jalbum

| December 1, 2009

Jalbum lets you create and share stunning customized photo albums. Publish to or your own site. It’s free.


Jalbum allows for endless customization of your photo album site. Customize with skins and widgets. You can publish your Jalbum photo site anywhere, on your free account or on your own web site.

You can publish Jalbum albums to any site you have access to. Your Jalbum account is the easiest alternative, simply use your Jalbum user name and password to publish.

Jalbum is free to use for commercial web sites, the only requirement is that you link back to their site either in the album (there’s a link in almost all skins) or if you prefer from another page on your web site. They hope you think that’s fair. However, if you’d like to charge for Jalbum software or as a part of a commercial offering/package, you need a license agreement from them. Please contact for further information.

Jalbum is here

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