Create your radio with Spreaker and unleash the DJ inside you

| April 12, 2011

Spreaker is an on-line service, which allows anyone to create and broadcast a personal Internet radio show. The only thing you really need is a microphone. You would also want to use a pair of headphones to avoid feeding back the music you are playing into the Mic channel. Of course to get the best results you need to have reasonable quality equipment. There are various online sources which help you choosing more professional equipment when you move forward.

Creating your first show is easy. Just click on the Broadcast link on the header bar. You will be required to enter an episode name and a category for that episode. By default, all the episodes you create will be part of a show named “My First Radio Show”. You can edit this setting and create new shows by clicking on the “More Options” link in the broadcast page.


Category: Internet