Data recovery: how to recover information and data from damaged or scratched CD and DVD with Copy Cat

| November 19, 2009

Copy Cat 2.0 is an utility very useful to recover data and information from CD and DVD unreadable or scratched. This software doesn’t read bad bytes or sectors that are not readable by Windows and tries to exctract all data.


The program is useful when you have to copy damaged or scratched CD and DVD. It also works on hard disks and floppies that Windows is not able to read, raising an error.

Main features:

Ecco le caratteristiche principali del programma:

  • Copy your entire CD or DVD collections
  • Tries to recover data from damaged or scratched CD /DVD reading single bytes
  • There is the option to bypass unreadable bytes
  • It’s very fast
  • Much more

It’s very useful to read and recover old CD and DVD no more readable. Trying to use this software could be a solution.

Phisically damaged disks cannot be copied (of course..), but you ca try to recover the rest.

Download Copy Cat here

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