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| November 16, 2019

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Want to run Windows on your Mac? We hear you. Despite macOS being a polished and an optimized OS for your device, there are times when we need Windows on our Mac.

It could be for casual usage such as running Windows programs which you have paid for, or for official purposes such as Microsoft Office or graphics editing, or even to play games which are not available on macOS.

Now, how do you go about running Windows on your Mac? Boot Camp of course, is what you might answer. Really? We don’t think so, because we have a much better way.

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You can run Windows inside macOS. You read that right, and it is exactly what Parallels Desktop is for.

Why is this app better than Bootcamp? Because Parallels Desktop allows you to run Windows Programs and macOS apps side by side. Can you do this with Bootcamp? No, it is not possible, as you can only use Windows in it, and if you want to use a Mac app, you have to reboot to macOS, and this is incredibly time consuming.

Parallels Desktop is a virtual machine, and the app is optimized to run Windows 10, but you can also run older versions of Windows, or use it for Linux too.

There is a built-in assistant in Parallels Desktop, which can download and install Windows 10 on your Mac. Note, that you will still need a valid license from Microsoft to activate your copy of Windows 10. Parallels Desktop can take you to Microsoft’s store where you can buy a license for it.

If you wish to use a different operating system, or if you have an existing operating system installed on your computer, you can skip this step. Then you can install whatever OS you want to, including Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS which can be downloaded from the interface of Parallels Desktop. If you have an ISO image of the OS, or a DVD or a USB Flash Drive, you can use that for the installation.

You can transfer your existing OS from a different PC or a Boot Camp installation too. This includes all the files and applications from your Windows installation, and you also have an option to skip the transfer of documents, and only copy the applications to Parallels Desktop. So, by choosing the transfer option you are essentially picking up where you left off. Boot Camp versions of Windows cannot be saved as Snapshots, and Rollback mode is not available for the same. So it is better to go with a migrated or clean installation of Windows.

Not only does Parallels Desktop support Retina Display, the app can also be used with Apple’s Touch Bar, using which your Mac can display virtual keys for Windows shortcuts including those for Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Task View, Explorer, etc. You can add your own application shortcuts to the Touch Bar too. Parallels Desktop works with FireWire, Bluetooth, Printer devices which you have connected to your mac, so you can use them within Windows.

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If you want to change the resolution of a Window size, or reboot the OS you can use the app’s menu to do so easily.

It even has the Windows 10 People Bar, which displays your recent contacts on the Mac Dock, or on the Windows Taskbar. There is a new picture-in-picture mode in Parallels Desktop, which allows the virtual machine to be resized like a regular app, and can be placed anywhere on your Mac’s screen. This is an excellent way to multitask with macOS and Windows.

Speaking of which, you can use apps from both operating systems side by side, and even copy content from Windows and paste it in macOS or the other way around. Or you could even drag and drop content between the two operating systems. The best part is that you get to run Windows in full screen mode inside macOS.

Applications in exe format can be double clicked to install inside Windows, and you can place the shortcuts for your Windows programs on the dock in macOS. When you click such a shortcut, Parallels Desktop will launch the program for you. Parallels Desktop also allows you to use macOS specific features such as Finder and Spotlight within Windows. These sort of features are impossible with Boot Camp, and that is what makes Parallels Desktop shine like a pro.

You can run any Windows program on your Mac, even if they are resource hungry like graphics editors or graphically intensive like games, without experiencing any slowdowns. The app supports up to 32 virtual CPUs, and 128GB of vRAM for a virtual machine.

There are over 30 special tools in Parallels Toolbox, which comes with the app, and can be used for various functions such as do not sleep which prevents the system and display from sleeping, do not disturb which willl disable notifications and animations in apps, hide desktop which can be useful for a presentation or live streaming or screen recording. You can now download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other sources using the app.

There is a new option in the app which lets you clean your Mac’s junk files, an animated GIF creator which converts videos to GIFs, and a video converter which can be used for optimizing videos for your iOS devices. The new file archiver in the app can compress in various formats and extract files from archives with a single click. You can use the new recording tools to record on screen videos or take screenshots, or even use the computer’s camera or microphone to record an audio or capture the sound.

If you want to use Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW, or Microsoft Office, on your Mac, or experience Windows without having to reboot your macOS, there is only one app which can help you. Parallels Desktop is the most user friendly way to get Windows installed and running on your Mac device be it a MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro.

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