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| April 21, 2020

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The stock multi-monitor capabilities built into Windows 10 have lots of limitations. This is why it’s so essential to get your hands on DisplayFusion. It’s an amazing piece of software that will let you easily add a ton of multi-monitor functionalities to your desktop. Whether it’s fine-tuning program windows to work the way that you want them to, creating virtual monitors from scratch, or adding stunning — and customizable — wallpapers to each monitor, that’s just scraping the top of what DisplayFusion has to offer. In fact, Display Fusion has dozens of functionalities that make it next to impossible to cover them all here. But let’s look at the best of what this amazing multi-monitor management utility brings to the table.

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Window Management

With DisplayFusion, managing windows is a breeze. The integrated Window Management functionality that you gain access to is leagues better than what’s present by default. For example, moving a full-sized window around is super-easy — just left-click the title bar, it will then ‘stick’ to your cursor, and all you then have to do is drag it to where you want it to appear. Or you can move any random window into the next monitor with a simple middle-click to the title bar. It’s ridiculous how intuitive things really are. DisplayFusion also provides tooltips (window size and location) when moving windows around so that you can always see where you can move them for that perfect fit. Another useful sub-feature is the ability to automatically move freshly-opened applications to the current monitor no matter where you open them from.

Dedicated Taskbars

The lack of dedicated taskbars for each monitor doesn’t bode well when it comes to productivity. DisplayFusion resolves this issue by adding support for this exact functionality. Each monitor will have its own taskbar, which makes managing applications super-easy. Actually, it will feel as if each monitor is powered by its own instance of Windows. You can also customize each taskbar — set to auto-hide, change position, modify the size, etc —  to your heart’s content. It’s just plain ridiculous how super-charged your multi-monitor experience will feel with this feature around. Better yet, all taskbars can be customized with third-party Start menu support — Shell, Start10, Start Menu X, etc — which is truly amazing.

Monitor Splitting

If the ability to use dedicated taskbars for each monitor didn’t blow your mind, then this surely will. Monitor Splitting is probably one of the best functionalities that you can get your hand onto once you’ve got DisplayFusion installed on your PC. Basically, you get to create virtual monitors within any monitor! To make things even better, you get to use taskbars, wallpapers, and even screen savers on each virtual monitor. And these aren’t curtailed by any means — they will function just like actual monitors, and will fully support all of DisplaFusion’s advanced window management functionalities. At the time of writing, DisplayFusion doesn’t support video games or full-screen videos — that will hopefully change in the future.

Position Profiles

DisplayFusion doesn’t allow you to waste time in the slightest with its Window Profile Position functionality. When repeatedly using certain applications across multiple monitors, simply save them to a Window Position Profile — this should save the layout immediately. The next time you use these applications, just load the Window Position Profile, and you should be good to go. You can have as many Window Position Profiles open as you want. And it’s ridiculously easy to load them — just use a key combo, a title bar button on an application, or the DisplayFusion menu on the system tray of any monitor. It’s an essential feature and one that will likely pay dividends in the long run.

Remote Controlling

Sometimes, you just go to sit back and relax without being hunched over your keyboard and mouse. But don’t let that put a dent to your productivity. You can actually control DisplayFusion remotely! Just install the DisplayFusion Remote app onto your Android or iOS device, and you are ready to get started. Once you’ve paired the app with your computer, it’s a simple matter of using the dozens of controls listed within the app to control your multi-monitor setup remotely. The DisplayFusion Remote app supports pretty much all functionalities found within DisplayFusion’s full-fledged desktop application, so you should have no issues performing even the most minute of configurations to your multi-monitor workstation from a distance.

Wallpaper Support

When it comes to productivity, wallpapers matter a lot than you think. They really help you ease yourself into your workstation. But once again, the default desktop personalization features present in Windows are quite limiting when it comes to multi-monitor setups. But this is where DisplayFusion comes into the picture. Not only does this amazing program lets you use different wallpapers for each monitor, but you can also span a single wallpaper across multiple monitors — the latter allows for a truly fascinating experience! Not only that, but you can also group and schedule wallpaper settings, which means that you can get them to show up whenever you want them to — different wallpapers for daytime, nighttime, etc. Once you get a taste of it, you just can’t do without DisplayFusion’s wallpaper customization features.

Just Go Get It

The amount of multi-monitor management capabilities that DisplayFusion comes packed with is truly astounding. Features such as dedicated taskbars, virtual monitors, and position profiles will play a huge role in any multi-monitor setup, allowing you to do more with both the hardware and software that you currently have access to. DisplayFusion also has tons of other functionalities — triggers, functions, mouse management, etc. — that will surely aid you with your daily productivity. The program is also reasonably priced, so there’s no reason for you to be stuck with the abysmal stock multi-monitor setup capabilities present in Windows. If you are on the fence, then don’t waste a second longer. Get DisplayFusion today and boost both the functionality and the efficiency of your multi-monitor setup to dizzying heights.

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