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| October 13, 2011

Download 40+ Free Ebooks from Amazon.

Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos
The Drop – Free Preview by Michael Connelly
Nefertiti by Nick Drake
The Faith of Ashish by Kay Marshall Strom
Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan
Heating Up the Kitchen by Jill Shalvis
The Lady and the Locksmith by Cody Young
A Change of Heart by Nancy Frederick
Fury by Anya Bast
Viridis by Calista Taylor
Vampire Assassin by Samantha Warren
Just The Way You Are by Barbara Freethy
Hard Questions, Prophetic Answers by Daniel K. Judd
Charlie Woodchuck is a Minor Niner by Dalya Moon
Cpl Thomas Tweed’s War by Benjamin X. Wretlind
Diagnosis Death by Richard Mabry MD
Famous Last Words by Regan Black
One Last Bite by Heidi Betts
Tranquility by Anya Bast
Arrow: A Short Story by Joshua Scribner
Song to Wake to: Part 1 by JD Field
The Dragon’s Child by J. Kathleen Cheney
Parrot Eyes Lost by Barton Grover Howe
The Dragon’s Child by J. Kathleen Cheney
Ascent by Amy Kinzer
Zombie Tales: Primrose Court Apt. 305 by Robert DeCoteau
THEY by Vincent Hobbes
Angels and Demons by Rex Jameson
The Bare Bones Dhammapada by Tai Sheridan
In the Beginning by Michael Goldsberry
Mafiosi Season 1 Episode 1 by 711 Press
How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid by Dr. Sophia Yin
Mythik Imagination #1 by Jon Mac
Song to Wake to: Part 1 by JD Field
A Window in the Darkness by Matthew Fish
Sleepless Beauty by Ramisa Raya
Connect by Kenneth Burstall
Famous Last Words by Regan Black
Kingdom of Fire by Nick S. Thomas
Ramblings of a Deluded Soul by Jake Barton
Little King Henry by Richard Raley

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