Download Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software

| March 16, 2011

Cypherix™ is tightly focused on cryptography and data security. They leverage our expertise to deliver state-of-the-art, world-class encryption software packages, not bound by any restrictions. They have developed several products which address a range of security needs from basic issues such as privacy to network security and access control.

With over 8 million users, Cryptainer is perhaps one of the most widely used encryption software in the world. They have Bilingual versions in different languages including Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Japanese.

Cypherix™ products are stable, mature, simple and secure, requiring no change in the normal operating policies and zero maintenance. They offer easy to use strong encryption software. Their products are designed to hide the complexities of encryption, at the same time giving you ease of use and flexibility. Just drag and drop to password protect all your confidential data. Our products use 448 bit Blowfish and 256 bit AES algorithms.

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