Download EyeProtector, an easy to use break reminder software

| December 18, 2010

EyeProtectorPro is eye care/RSI prevention software. It reminds you to take breaks while you work on your PC and can protect your eyes from damage caused by long hours of PC use. Guaranteed RSI prevention and fewer headaches and dry eyes caused by PC use.

It suggests you to do some light exercises for your body and eyes. It has feature to remind you to look far from your PC, as eye doctors suggest a PC users should look at least 20 feet away after few minutes of work to avoid RSI and eyes stress

It helps to decrease pain/strain/headaches caused by PC use.

1. Headaches
2. Back Pain
3. Neck Pain
4. Eye’s Pain
5. Eye’s Strain
6. Tired Eyes
7. Hands stiffness
8. RSI

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