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| January 17, 2011

BotHunter is the first, and still the best, network-based malware infection diagnosis system out there. It tracks the two-way communication flows between your computer(s) and the Internet, comparing your network traffic against an abstract model of malware communication patterns.(1) Its goal is to catch bots and other coordination-centric malware infesting your network, and it is exceptionally effective.

BotHunter will help you catch malware infections that go regularly undetected by antivirus systems and completely ignored by traditional intrusion detection systems. Let’s find out who really owns your network.

BotHunter is NOT an intrusion detection system, firewall, spam blocker, or antivirus tool.  These tools generally don’t work in helping you rid your network of malware infections. Rather, BotHunter takes a different approach. It is an entirely new network defense  algorithm designed to help everyone from network administrators to individual Internet-connected PC users detect whether their systems are running coordination-centric malware (such as botnets, spambots, spyware, Trojan exfiltrators, worms, adware).   It is based on an algorithm called network dialog correlation, developed under the Cyber-TA research program (, by the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International.

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