Download Freecorder 4 Powerful, Free Video Downloader, Audio Recorder & Converter

| December 23, 2010

Freecorder 4 makes it easy to save video and audio from the web, and convert to many popular formats. Once Freecorder 4 is installed, just use the following buttons in your browser.

Freecorder 4 includes some great resources for enjoying the web radio and TV. Included in Freecorder 4 is a free Radio Player, access to TV Channels and a huge Media Guide to help you find all your favorite streaming media.

Freecorder 4 works great with both IE and Firefox. The download only takes seconds. It’s absolutley guaranteed to be spyware fee. What are you waiting for? Get this incredibly powerful, FREE recorder/converter.

Main features:

  • Download Video from 1000s of Web sites
  • Record MP3 Audio from ANY Site
  • Convert to MP3, MPEG4 & more
  • Works in your Browser
  • Includes FLV Player
  • No Spyware. No Adware.
  • 100% Free


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