Download Movie Monkey for Free

| May 1, 2011

Have hundreds of movies clogging up your hard-drive? Do you find it tough to find that ONE movie? Tired of opening IMDb all the time? Movie Monkey is for you.


Movie Monkey identifies all your movies automagically. Just import a folder, sit back and watch the movies getting added magically

Not just identify, Movie Monkey classifies your movies according to their genres

One of the chores of managing movies is keeping track of the movies you’ve watched. Movie Monkey does it for you, in style 🙂

What kinda Movie buff does not open IMDb before watching a movie ? Now, you’ll be of that kind, for it’s all there in Movie Monkey

Yhey’ve also thrown in a couple of handy bananas to save you time. Play, Search and more on their way

You can get an invite code nirmaltv to get it HERE

Thanks to the Forum and Nirmaltv for the offer

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