Download Panda Global Protection 2012 beta

| May 31, 2011

Test this beta version, and if you are one of our most active beta testers, Panda Security will reward you with 200 US dollars to be spent at Amazon. More information here.


To take part in the Panda Global Protection 2012 Beta program, download the installation file from the link.

We also offer you additional information about product installation, detected bugs and the minimum functionality tests recommended by Panda Security.

* Check the technical requirements needs to perform a correct product installation.
* Information about the installation of the product on your computer in order to start the testing process.
* List of known bugs. Find out the known issues of the Beta version detected in tests of our QA department.
* Tests recommended by Panda Security to ensure a correct product run in your specific working environment.
* Report of suggestions and incidents detected in your work with the Beta version.

More information here

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