Dr. Link Check: the ultimate FREE web app that checks websites for broken and blacklisted links

| January 5, 2012

Dr. Link Check examines your website and tells you whether it contains dead and blacklisted links. Beginning with your home page, the app automatically collects and follows all the links it can find, tests their validity and compares them against lists of malware and phishing sites. After hitting “Start”, results are immediately available and can be filtered by different criteria, while the check continues in the background.

On the main content area you have the full list of the checked links (paged)

On the right sidebar you can check the broken and blacklisted links and also the internal and external links.

The service is very fast to harvest and to deliver results.

The items on the sidebar are clickable, for example if you want to check all the broken links, just click the broken links item under “link status” etc..

This is a very useful service to help all website owners to check the health of the links.

Click here to check your links with Dr. Link Check!


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