FatPaint, an All-in-one online photo editor & graphic design software

| April 5, 2011

Fatpaint is a free online graphic design software (desktop publishing) and webshop. We believe it’s the most advanced graphics application running on the internet.

Fatpaint is aimed at giving great value to:

  • People that want to make graphics:
  • Make graphics from scratch using the most powerful graphic design software on the internet, free of charge. Then, buy products with your graphics printed on them, or make money by selling products on your own webshop.

  • People that already use another graphics software:
  • Upload images onto our application and easily buy or sell products with your images printed on them. Or upload images to one of the custom printed product companies we lined up in the Products page.

    Fatpaint has a nice vector drawing editor. It also have lots of fonts, cliparts and images that you can use and import to your existing image application. There are quite a few features on Fatpaint that you won’t find anywhere else, so it can be a valuable tool alongside your existing graphics software.

  • People that want to design and buy custom printed products to give out as gift, for personal or business use, or for the home:
  • Browse through the Gallery, there are lots of customizable products for sale. Or checkout the shops they lined up in the Products page.


Category: Graphics