Find and Discover all information about an IP Address with IPNetInfo

| November 19, 2009

IPNetInfo is a small and useful utility to find and discover all information about an IP Address such as country/State, ip range, contact information and much more.


This utility is very useful to find the source of an unwanted email. To use this feature you have to copy and paste the header of a message into IPNetInfo.

After you have done this, IPNetInfo extracts all Ip Addresses from the header and display all the details in a table.

IPNetInfo get information by sending a request to WHOIS servers like ARIN. Sometimes ARIN is not available to respond and is down. If ARIN is down or if doesn’t contain the information, other queries are made to different WHOIS servers like RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC or AfriNIC.

Note: if ARIN is down, retry later.

Download IPNetInfo here

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