Flash Manager, how to manage and convert flash files

| November 27, 2010

Flash Manager is all in one program , it provides a basic flash file playing plus tools which let you enjoy using your flash files .

1) Flash file(.swf) to Executable file(.exe) converter : This tool let you convert the flash files(*.swf) to executable files(*.exe) and that means that the converted files will run without any players.

2)Computer drives searcher: This tool let you search your computer drives for flash files.

3)Temporary Internet Files searcher :This tool let you search your Temporary Internet Files for flash files.

4)Flash Files Downloader: This tool let you download flash files from a webpage , just enter a webpage address and the program will do the rest . NOTE : The program downloads only the flash files which have straight paths .

Also the program has a playlist which let you store your favorite files.

*The program should work on : Windows XP, Vista and Seven. But i’m not sure if it will work on Windows 98 ,2000 and Millenium.

*For Windows XP and older Windows versions users ,you may need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

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