[Forum Exclusive] Tenorshare PDF Converter FREE for 72 hours

| November 18, 2012

Tenorshare PDF Converter is a 5-in-1 PDF utility which helps you batch or partial convert PDF files to editable Word, or converts Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets to PDF files at one time. The original contents including formatting, layout and graphics are exactly retained in the converted PDF files and Office documents.

5-in-1 PDF Conversion

  • PDF to .RTF: Convert PDF file to Rich Text Format
  • PDF to .DOC: Change PDF file to Word Document
  • Excel to PDF: Save MS Excel to PDF file
  • PPT to PDF: Change PPT file to PDF file
  • Word to PDF: Convert Word file to PDF file

Batch & Partial Conversion Availability

  • Batch conversion: convert a large number of files at one time, no need to convert them one by one.
  • Partial conversion: Define one specific page to convert instead of converting the whole PDF file. This is especially suitable for the situation when a PDF document contains numerous pages.

Good Preservation of all Elements

  • Once your files are converted to targeted document formats, all elements of original files such as layouts, formatting, images, hyperlinks, pages etc will be completely retained.

Easy to Use Wizard & Interface

  • Intuitive interface with three steps layed clearly, import files to be converter → select output format → click convert.
  • No technical skills needed, even you are a novice, you can use it freely.



In cooperation with Tenorshare, we can offer Tenorshare PDF Converter completely FREE to our forum members for the next 72 hours.


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