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Giveaway of the Day - PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0
06-05-2014, 05:03 PM,
Giveaway of the Day - PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0
Quote:PresentationTube offers a free video presentation recorder and video sharing platform to help teachers and students easily produce and share quality video presentations in a new way. The video presentation recorder allows presenters to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchronize a variety of essential visual aids, including webcam streaming, whiteboard, drawing board, web browser content, and desktop recording.

The recorder automates the process and ensures that teachers and presenters only need minimal technical knowledge and spend no additional time creating materials.

New Features in Version 3.0:

New widescreen (16:9) video outputs.
Enhanced audio synchronization.
Full screen or around the mouse capture function.
Presenters can use a simpler control panel (next, previous, first and last slide) to navigate through slides.
Displays current slide number, title and total number of slides in the status bar.
Supports unlimited number of USB or integrated web cams.
Displays presenter’s video footage in a full screen mode or inside/beside the slides.
Integrates a variety of visual media including whiteboard, drawing board, integrated web browser, and screen activities.
The presenter can pause, resume or stop recording while presenting.
Very simple and efficient whiteboard for text-based illustrations.
Integrated web browser with zooming in/out capability.

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06-06-2014, 11:43 AM,
RE: Giveaway of the Day - PresentationTube Recorder Pro 3.0
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