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Full Version: FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage for 1 year
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For the CES conference we've got a SHOCKING unlimited storage deal! Use code 2013CES to get FREE unlimited for 1 year.

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Thanks anyone used this before?
Thxs S-M

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Storage Usage: 0% (0.0GB of 140GB) >>> Me Smile

Ignore the 10Gb free and put the Promo code : 2013 as stated on S-M's link

not me dude
Quote:To help our users with their New Year’s resolutions to be efficient, productive and save money, we’re offering an incredible opportunity to extend your unlimited personal cloud for 3 more years (until January 2017) at a price so cheap it’s practically free!

Lock in unbeatable pricing now and get:

UNLIMITED storage for $19.99/year for 3 more years (prepaid)

(Save 80%!!!!!)

This is a one-time offer only! Lock in these unbelievably low prices before they’re gone.

Offer expires January 15, 2013

Get deal now
thanks mark , good find !
This is a rare opportunity for me in 2013
Thank you
Thanks Mark, good find..

Quote:Congratulations, you got SurDoc’sUnlimited Doc plan for 1 year. Now you have unlimited space for all your documents, photos, music and more.

Quote:Get up to 1TB of Free Space!
Invite your friends and colleagues to SurDoc and get up to 1TB of free storage1). For each person you invite who signs up with SurDoc, you get 10GB of additional storage for one year in your account2). Everyone who accepts your invitation within 1 week will get an extra 10GB of free storage for one year as well3).

1) 1TB is the maximum free storage earned by inviting friends that you may accumulate in total. Storage that you have paid for or free storage that you have acquired with other promotions is not affected by the invitation program.
2) Granting invitation bonuses of 10GB is limited to one year each. That means you will need to invite another person after that year to keep your bonus.
3) Invitees must be new users of SurDoc. Any of your friend must install at least one of SurDoc’s clients on a different device. SurDoc reserves the right to purge inappropriate user accounts.
Thank you! I got it
Can tell me someone if is safe cloud storage?
new link

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