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Full Version: What's the best Linux distribution?
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Just wondering what's the best Linux distro for you?

I love Centos and Ubuntu grin
No Linux for me...lol
Too bad! grin
Fedora & linux mint Wink.
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Too bad! grin


can I have some Linux in Vmware, if so yes- which one?
I have lost the count on how many linux distro i have used. Out of that i mostly used Ubuntu for its easy and simple nature and live cd of slax linux for data recovery or virus checking etc.
For servers, I use opensuse or centos. I will never run linux on a desktop.
Hmm centos is good. Redhat is best I think Wink.
redhat is good but I think you need to pay for it
there is a free distro based on redhat (like CentOS) but i didn't remember the name....
I like CentOS but it's going to switch off i'm afraid....
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