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Full Version: Google Chrome Loses Market Share To Internet Explorer
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Quote:For years Internet Explorer has been easy to pick on, but for once the Redmond based software giant is bucking the trend. Market share for Internet Explorer has reached an 18-month high, and it seems to have done so largely at the expense of Google Chrome. In February IE climbed 0.68 points to 55.82 percent. Chrome dropped 1.21 percent, and Firefox rocketed above 20 percent to settle at 16.27 and 20.12 percent respectively.

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thanks vitor !
I'm not surprised. Thanks for the news vitorsequeira Ranger
Some interesting version tracks there, particularly Firefox - can understand those stuck on true legacy versions because there's no alternative, but it seems the older "new style" numbering versions are over represented.

In the case of IE versions, things are relatively static, with a core of IE6 as possibly 98 to 2000, or XP users that are compelled to stay at IE6 by legacy applications.
IE7 even smaller, but surprised it's not vanishingly small, as IE8 is available on any platform that can run IE7.

One other thing though, when did Microsoft forget they were supposed to be doing "Browser Choice" ?