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Full Version: BitTorrent Live Video Streaming Is Finally Here!
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Quote:BitTorrent, the company, has been working on a peer-to-peer live video streaming protocol for ages. Granted, it's fairly complicated stuff so it's no wonder it's taking a while. But the wait is over, BitTorrent is ready to unveil BitTorrent Live, in Beta.

The new streaming portal is live and users can already watch several streams. Anyone can sign up to broadcast their own streams as well.

Everything is free for now. Users will need to install a plugin to watch videos though, something that is definitely going to curb the appeal.

There are a number of streaming video platforms out there, but one of BitTorrent's big advantages is that it's free. Even if it started charging, it would be a lot cheaper than any of the alternatives for one simple reason, the costs of distributing the video are close to zero.

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Enjoy it!
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