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Full Version: QuiteRSS Is A Powerful, Multi-Tabbed RSS Reader For Windows & Linux
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Unlike Google Reader, which is a web based service, QuiteRSS stays closer to your desktop by being a Windows and Linux (and OS/2 as well, if anyone still uses it) app. Its open-source nature means you can mold it the way you want by grabbing the source code from the developer’s page. Though that doesn’t make the default version of the app is lacking in terms of looks or features; it’s far from it in fact. Built with a decent UI, the app is pretty intuitive to navigate around.

Sporting a barebones design, the application displays all your RSS subscriptions in the left pane, with the feed for the selected subscription appearing on the right side just like Google Reader and many other RSS apps. You can also create folders in the subscriptions list to keep everything well organized. Furthermore, you can mark the feeds as read, important, starred, to do, later, etc. The marked items can be quickly accessed from the Categories pane. In addition, the selected feed can be viewed in full HTML, thanks to QuiteRSS’s browser integration.
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