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Full Version: jv16 PowerTools 2013 updated
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jv16 PowerTools is an epic Windows utility suite and registry cleaner.

Key Features

1.Cleans junk and fixes Windows errors
2.Uninstalls software and removes left-overs
3.Tweaks Windows for better performance
4.Makes Windows start faster
5.Improves your online safety and privacy
6.Clears history and MRU data
7.Recovers accidentally deleted files

An updated version of jv16 PowerTools 2013 released. The updated version contains the following changes.

Bug fix: The program can freeze when performing the Initial Setup or when fixing registry errors.
Bug fix: Clean and Fix My Computer (and Registry Cleaner) can experience an epic fail and report “failed to modify key” with registry keys that can be modified.
Bug fix: The Settings window doesn’t always correctly show the message that asks you to restart PowerTools for the changed settings to take effect.
Bug fix: Running the Software Uninstaller (or Decrap my Computer) can crash to EConvertError.
Bug fix: Running the File Cleaner can show a minor cosmetic glithces while the tool is running.
Improvement: Fixing registry errors with the Clean and Fix My Computer and Registry Cleaner is now a lot faster.
Improvement: The accuracy of the Software Uninstaller’s list of found software is now higher.
Improvement: The Initial Setup will now run much faster than before.
rovement: Many parts of the program will now work even faster.
Improvement: Increased the accuracy of the File Cleaner.
Improvement: Added Arabic and Korean translations.

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