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Full Version: Adobe Reader and Acrobat Updated to 11.0.03
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Adobe rolled out an update to build 11.0.03 for Reader and Acrobat products. The new revision is a planned maintenance release and is available through the built-in update mechanism of the two products.

Apart from security improvements touching on Protected View and Protected Mode, the fresh revision strengthens EchoSign integration. Now it can detect if a document may require a signature and, if it is the case, display the “Open Sign Pane” button, which provides the necessary options.

Furthermore, signatures can be imported via webcam and saved in signing workflows for future usage. Documents can be uploaded to EchoSign server to fill in the necessary details and then send a signed document. The EchoSign service can also be used for files that need to be signed by others.

JavaScript execution for specific certificates can now be controlled by administrators by using cTrustCertifiedDocumentsByOIDs in HKCU and/or HKLM.

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Thanks for the info grr Thumb
thanks grr !
Also a "FINAL" release of Acrobat 9 released, 9.5.5

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I really must survey the alternatives, as unless something else already needs Adobe Air, I don't want to shovel yet another bloatware runtime in.