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Full Version: AttackVector Linux
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AttackVector Linux for penetration testing using Tor.

hello everyone, just letting you know this specific release is in alpha version which is early development phase. however this seems very hard to defend againest if used for malicious purposes. Im not exactly sure who is behind this even thou its listed. but it sparked my curiousty when i stumbled onto it this week.

The anonymity of TAILS
The privacy of SRWare Iron
The password recovery of hashkill
The cryptography of DaKaRand
The penetration tools of Kali.

While Kali requires a modified kernel for network drivers to use injection and so forth,
TAILS is designed from the bottom up for encryption, and anonymity. Nmap can't UDP via Tor.
The intention of AttackVector Linux is to provide the capability to anonymize attacks
while warning the user when he or she takes actions that may compromize anonymity.
The two projects have different design philosophies that can directly conflict with one another.
In spite of this, the goal of AttackVector Linux is to integrate them complementarily into one OS..

[Image: Screen_Shot_2013_05_07_at_6_16_12_PM.jpg]

[Image: attackvector_uml_diagram2.jpg]

penetration testing only. this is to keep you aware of new releases as to educate. i in no way post for malicious intents. self defense wisdom and awareness is my goal. thank you.

ive pulled the link for this as its too early in distro and ive decided its untrusted at this point. also it would appear to be againest tip radar rules since its at this phase and not correctly hosted.. thanks.
Thanks for the info
Thanks, never used it before
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