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Full Version: Giveaway of the Day - IFX-Supreme 1.0
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Quote:Create never-before-seen effects for your images with unlimited freedom. IFX-Supreme gives you the capability and flexibility to combine filters and tools in any combination to create unique effects. The node-based system gives you complete control and real-time preview, let’s you see and monitor the results as you go.

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My thoughts after testing this "program"

This looked interesting …past tense. As a pro photographer I was curious to see what it could do…..test my patience is what it did do. lets start with the out put..BMP, PNG, but no JPEG, No RAW. strike 1.
strike 2 is slow rendering of photos and effects. I have used big editors and none , not even light room takes this long to load a large photo (4000×3000)
The effects are basic and dull. Ya you can create your own but by the time your photo loads you have forgotten what you were trying to design.
On the good points….the interface is nice.
Needs a lot of improvement before this will ever be taken seriously by a professional photographer (the ones who will pay for this)
Great for newbies to “play” with. My 2 cents worth

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Thanks Thumb
Thanks for the giveaway- nice!! coolm