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Full Version: Mozilla Firefox 22.0 Final
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Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.
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Word of warning. I had a shock when I updated FF 21 to 22. It did not appear to work

On restart FF the prog would not open . I tried the short cut and went to prog folder and double clicked on the launcher, nothing happened ! All other progs were working fine. I tried system restore to the day before and Windows went through the motions and on restart said it could not and to try an earlier date.

I did not want to lose the other progs I had installed and registered by going back to an earlier point in time. In case IE packed up I would not be able to access the internet, I decided to download some other browsers. Some one and half to two hours later I went back to check if the IE download had finished ok and there was Firefox opened up, version 22.

So if you update Firefox and you cannot start again , it is worth trying to launch it and then leave your computer on for an hour or more , to see if it resolves itself. The FF forum says trying starting FF in safe mode and disabling addons but in my case problem resolved itself before I tried that !