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Full Version: Free Registration novaPDF Standard Desktop 7.4 Edition
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This promotion is a result of an agreement between Softland and Computer Bild. You are entitled to receive a free license of novaPDF Standard Desktop 7.4 Edition by completing and submitting the registration form.

Get it here: Guests cannot see links. Registration or Login is required.

Registration details sent!

Thank you for registering novaPDF. The registration code has just been sent to your email. You should receive it in a couple of minutes. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, please contact us at info@novapdf.com

Software Installation

Please use the setup included on the cover CD of the magazine to install novaPDF. Once you receive the registration details, please register the software.
Note that this registration key works only with novaPDF Standard v7.4 mentioned in the magazine.
For the registration to work be sure you are installing novaPDF Standard using the setup mentioned on the Computer Bild website
already got...
thanks for share MrGiang!
code invalide
Thanks MrGiang
code invalid. could u send the link to download the correct version? Thnx..
lets hunt for the correct installer now..